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Complete Design Service

Are you looking to create a home you can feel proud of but are not sure where to start? Are you wanting to completely transform a room or whole house but don’t have the time, or energy to do it yourself? Do you find the whole process overwhelming?


Transforming spaces, experimenting with colour, buying timeless furniture, being bold with accessories. Living in your home should be a fun, happy experience, with rooms that make you feel well and that you’re proud to show to others.


My approach takes interior design beyond just style. I take the time to walk through the way you want to live, understanding how the house needs to work for you and everyone that shares it with you, and proposing original, colourful and playful designs that not only look good but are practical too, based on your specific needs and requirements. I then work closely with you to develop designs that reflect your style as well as addressing how you want to live. This process is designed to be fun as well as efficient. But, above all, I want to make sure you’re comfortable every step of the way and feel free to tell me what you don’t like, just as much as what you do. After all I’m designing rooms for you, not me.


Once you’re happy with the designs, I then pull together schedules for your furniture plan, along with detailed painting and fabric plans. You’ll be able to review, give feedback and sign off at each stage. This is a tried and tested process that ensures you are on top of your budget and timescales throughout the project and that you are 100% happy. Once everything is agreed, it goes over to my trusted tradespeople, such as decorators, joiners and curtain makers to manage all the making and installation. And all that’s left is the dressing and staging of the finishing touches to make the transformation complete.


Cost on average per room, dependent on room type and amount of furniture/sourcing:

from £1500


My Interior Design Studio is in Henley on Thames, I cover projects in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

Home Renovation Design Service

Are you embarking on a renovation project or home extension and feeling overwhelmed by all the decisions you need to make? Are you wanting to make sure every space in not only beautifully designed, but also works for your family now, and in the future? Are you worried about making costly decisions that you may later regret?


Creating your dream family home, whether it’s by renovating a house or an adding an extension, is an exciting process. But it’s typically a huge financial commitment that once completed, you won’t be able to do again. You need to have the confidence that the decisions you’re making are the best use of your spaces, based on how you plan to live in them.


My approach combines interior design with all the practical considerations and decisions you will need to successfully renovate your home. Like my Complete Design Service, I take the time to understand how your house needs to work for you and your family. I look at the ‘bones’ of your house, making sure you make all the right upfront major considerations for your renovation, including planning your kitchen and bathroom designs, flooring recommendations, specifications for windows and doors, lighting plans and even where best to put sockets and switches. I will give you greater confidence in getting what you really need from your renovation and ensure you don’t make any expensive mistakes.


As well as guiding you on all the practical decisions, I design beautiful, colourful rooms that flow together as one cohesive scheme throughout the house. By the end of the process, you’ll have a beautiful home that delivers on all the practical needs of modern day living.


Cost on average per room, dependent on complexity of renovation plans, room type and amount of furniture/sourcing: From £1500


My Interior Design Studio is in Henley on Thames, I cover projects in Oxfordshire, Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

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