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2022 Interior Trends, and why you should (mostly) ignore them.

My ethos is that your interior style should be a mix of classic furniture that’ll last and pieces that bring a twist, a touch of fun, personality and interest to a room.

Great design improves our quality of life, making us feel truly at home in our home. We don’t achieve that by jumping on bandwagons. Trends are transient, they’re about a general direction of travel. About what’s hot now. And about selling things!

My mantra has always been to ‘buy well, buy once’. That’s doesn’t have to mean expensive, but it does mean something that truly speaks to your heart. Then you’ll always love it.

But it’s fun to look outside of our style comfort zone and check out what’s new so…

Here’s what we are going to see a lot of in the year to come.


It’s all about the curves, Baby

In 2022, everything will have softer edges and be more tactile. Expect to be tempted by curved sofas and chairs (think a slightly-more-sophisticated 70’s Bond set). Even accessories like vases and lamps will have an hourglass feel to them.

And texture is a thing. Bouclé is the fabric of choice for this look (also a 60’s and 70’s throwback). It’s curly or looped wool or cotton that’s great for adding another layer of texture to a room. But we will also see textured walls, tiles and accessories.

Vase Image : H&M

Image : Soho Home


Colours of the year

Soft orange velvet sofa with cream cushions.  Tonal warm cream colour palette.

If you are a natural colour lover, then green is going nowhere in 2022. But if you have a sense of adventure - I think we’ll also see a lot of enthusiastic bright pops of joy coming through.

As we emerge from the pandemic years, people are yearning for some flashes of fun and uplifting hues. So yellows, oranges and reds may start to appear through accessories, art and furniture.

For those who sit firmly in the neutrals camp, colours are going to get warmer. Earthy neutral tones are going to show grey who’s boss (not before time!).



Never heard of it? Think Granny chic meets Beatrix Potter meets Laura Ashley meets all the prints.

This is a trend that began to get attention in 2021. It’s about creating cozy, country cottage vibes using lots of flower prints and chintz. Definitely not for everyone, but if you’re a maximalist who can’t choose between fabrics and prints - then here’s your excuse to use it all. I suspect this trend sits mainly with the London set who’ve moved out to the country (or would like to). Just add a prairie dress and basket of home grown veg…

Image: House of Hackney



Finally, a trend that’s not a trend - it’s a way of thinking that will serve us (and our homes and budgets) well for years to come.

When I look at how to improve my own and my clients’ homes I’m very conscious to think - yes, buy well and buy once - but also ‘what can we use that’s already here?’. A perfect room has things in it that have a story to tell, have been handed down, up-cycled or given a new home. There is nothing I love more, than being asked to incorporate into a scheme your Grandma’s old bureau, or a sideboard that you picked up at an antique shop.

My Grandma’s antique chair and the piano I picked up from eBay.

My client’s Grandma’s bureau given a fresh twist.


My advice; find yourself a great local upholsterer to up-level old furniture, move artwork around your house to breathe new life into tired spaces, and acquaint yourself with your local antique and vintage shops. There is nothing sweeter than picking up a totally unique piece of furniture for a song.

Finally, pay attention to the values of brands you’re buying new from. Great companies are happy to share where and how they get their materials.

My Interior Design Studio is in Henley on Thames. If you have an Interior Design project in Oxfordshire, Berkshire or Buckinghamshire I'd love to talk to you.

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