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Let there be light… How to dazzle with statement lamps

Good design in your home is about creating a solid foundation of classic furnishing that will last the test of time. Then giving it an irreverent tweak, injecting personality via colour, texture and individual pieces. And statement lamps are your secret weapon when it comes to packing a personality punch. I encourage you to think of the humble table lamp as your new design hero, and here’s how…

Don’t be a wallflower

All too often we can fall into a default position of creating a home that is neutral and easy. When in fact, the thing you loved about that amazing restaurant or gorgeous hotel, was it’s carefully curated ‘statement pieces’ that draw the eye and elicit murmurs of appreciation.

There is no reason why you can’t feel like this in your own home. In fact I insist you must. Buy the swoon-worthy lamp.

Play with proportion 

Proportion is everything in design. Having all our furniture at the same height, colour or texture means that there is no tension in a room. We want the eye to be led around a space and to alight upon an interesting corner or vignette. And large statement lamps are the perfect drama queen for your scheme. Add a beautiful piece of art behind it and a side table with personality and you are on your way to a home you love.

Add accent colours for a touch of flair 

Make your lamps work hard. Use them to elevate your scheme. They are the ideal tool to bring a splash of colour or to link colours together to create a cohesive look. Consider what you have in your room already and add contrasting or complementary colours in your lamps to unify your space.

Buy things you love

I mean really love. My mantra is to ‘buy well, buy once’. And buying things you love means that they will have longevity in your home. I like to mix things up a couple of times a year, by ‘shopping’ my home. I switch artwork, lamps and cushions and even rugs between rooms. It makes me feel like my home has had a refresh without the expensive price tag. 

Have fun

Our homes are the backdrop to our lives. And as such we want them to not only be comfortable and feel like ‘us’, but we should be able to walk into a room and smile, to love what we see. I love a talking point that sparks a bit of joy; When a friend says ‘ I love this, where did you get it from?’. And this is where lamps are your friend. Life is way too short for drab.

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