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Virtual 2-hour Interior Design Consultations are the best!

Big news. I have decided to take my 2-hour interior design consultations online. My most popular service will now be available virtually. Why haven’t I done this before I hear you ask? Well I was under the misguided impression that my clients wouldn’t quite get the same level of service if I wasn’t in the room. It turns out that I was wrong. Zoom interior design sessions are brilliant!

How can you be in a room on Zoom?

Like, really in it?

To get enough of a feel for how to transform it into something wonderful, homely and up-lifting. A space that absolutely works for the people who live there. Can you connect with a client enough to understand exactly what they need?

You completely and utterly can. In fact, meeting up online is just as good as in person. I find that we have just as much fun, get just as much done and it’s super easy to share my screen with you to take you online shopping. Oh and you don’t have to make me cups of tea!

How do virtual design consultations work?

My two hour consultations are my most popular service. I do 3 or 4 per week, people get so much from these sessions, they love them, and then they tell their friends and family!

They’re your chance to access my encyclopedic knowledge of furniture suppliers, room layouts, paint colours, lighting, windows, flooring, fixtures and fittings. Absolutely anything you want.

We’ll solve the problem of your dodgy dark corners, where to put the sofa, buy art for your hallway or how big the kitchen island in your new extension should be.

And of course I can do that virtually because in my 5 years in business I’ve seen every room type there is. And solved all these problems and more.


“I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough. We recently bought a new house and needed some help and advice in decorating some of the rooms. I enjoy making my home nice but find it difficult with the range of choice out there and know what works best. Hannah came to our rescue, the two hour consultation was perfect for us as they aren't big projects. In two hours we designed and decorated our bedroom with links of the places to buy what we needed. She knows exactly where to buy, where is good value and what to avoid. What Hannah did for us in two hours would have taken us days, wouldn't have been half as nice and probably double the cost! As well as being fantastic at her job, having a great eye for design, she is also very lovely and an absolute pleasure to work with”. Yvonne McMeel


What do you get?

We can fit a lot into two hours and I’m happy to discuss anything you want in that time.

Having a room redecorated is a big investment, and getting the wrong wall colour is really frustrating and costly. I know exactly what colours work in which type of rooms, whether you want neutrals or stronger colours, I will give you the confidence to get it right.

And my online shopping trips are a real treat. Whether you need a rug, lamp or dining table I’ll know what’s going to work, in the right proportions, and be able to take you straight to the right retailer for your budget.

For example, in a recent 2 hour virtual session for an open plan dining and seating area my client left the call with:

  • all wall colours

  • layout for the room

  • sofa shop recommendation, sofa size and specific fabrics

  • A shopping list for a sideboard, lamps, rugs, lighting, cushions and art

These two hour sessions are so powerful because all of this information about how to improve your home is sitting in my brain ready to go.

During the call, you’ll make notes. And I’ll open an email and fill it with details of all paint colours and links to furniture and accessories we chose together. This will be sent to you before we’re finished.

Then it’s over to you to work through your home transformation at your own pace.

My 2-hour Interior Design Consultations are £400. They are an investment that will save you time, money and expensive mistakes. I make sure you get the right wall colours and buy furniture and accessories you love, plus answer any other design dilemmas you have.

So wherever you are in the world, I’m ready for you.

Let’s schedule in one of my new Two Hour Virtual Design Consultations, to contact me today.

To view my portfolio click here.


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