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How to create a boutique bedroom

When clients brief me for a bedroom design, they usually ask for the room to feel like ‘a boutique hotel’, ‘warm’, ‘cosy’ and ‘a sanctuary’. And this is how we all want to feel, isn’t it? There’s no fun living in a sparse, cold or cluttered room. Here’s how to create an atmosphere that exudes comfort and sophistication.

Relaxing Hues

I recommend to start with a colour pallet that you find relaxing. For some that might be a sea of layered neutrals, for others their idea of a haven of calm may be dark and moody colours. - Always follow your heart, this is how to create a timeless design you will love.

Cocoon your room with lighting 

A bedroom can’t be cosy without good lighting. It is important to avoid spotlights in a bedroom, swap out any harsh overhead lights for warm, ambient lighting instead. Pendants are your friend, anything that drops down into the room will instantly make it feel more intimate and inviting, just make sure you have low wattage, warm white bulbs. Then amp up your room and your lighting game with some amazing bedside lamps. Choose something that packs a personality punch. And to really deliver that boutique hotel feel, go as oversized as you dare. Lamps are the anchor to a  bedroom design, so be bold.

Furniture that delivers

For me, good bedroom furniture starts with storage. A space can never be organised and calm if everything doesn’t have a place to live. If you can invest in built-in bespoke floor to ceiling wardrobes, I strongly recommend it. They provide beautiful clean lines, but also maximise all available space, which will make all the difference. Then consider beautiful chest of drawers and dressing tables , dependant on your needs. I often like to use antique chest of drawers and bedside tables, they can be a beautiful statement piece, but also, they are often larger than modern drawers, which helps with the storage conundrum. Oh, and please make sure that none of your furniture matches! I know for some people, this will be very surprising, but I promise you that it is the secret to creating a high end bedroom! And as a general rule, darker wood tones are better than lighter, it helps to anchor a space and bring an element of lux to your room.

Beautiful Bespoke Curtains

This is where you can really up the ante and give your bedroom that boutique hotel vibe. Investing in sumptuous bespoke curtains and blinds, will not only block the light for a good nights sleep, they also deliver the ultimate lux for a bedroom. I recommend ceiling to floor full length curtains that are interlined with a thick wadding to give the ultimate feeling of luxury.  

The Finishing Touches

These shouldn’t be an after thought. They are the key to good design. Start with layering cushions and throws on the bed, or you could choose a beautiful statement headboard. Don't be afraid to mix and match patterns and textures to create visual interest. But don’t forget artwork and mirrors, calming prints and metal finishes will all add to create your ultimate sanctuary. Don’t miss the details, they are what make all the difference.

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